What is normal? what is it like to live freely, worriless and serene?

It has been almost a year since the COVID pandemic changed our lives and perspectives to what we thought could be temporarily. Maybe we will have to simply live with it, like we did for the flu.
Meanwhile we can only wait and for take the vaccine! Get all your vaccine related questions answered here and here .

Whether you get vaccinated or not, whether you already had covid or not, make sure to keep wearing your masks. Have you heard of KF94?
And finally there is a third vaccine that will be in the market soon, here is what you need to know.

F for Fun

Not feeling ok? Super easy! Blame it on mercury retrograde and the moon! Kidding, for those who like to know here are the full moon dates for 2021 and the meaning behind their names. In all cases, we are home and chilling, check the netflix February releases. Any recommendations are welcome!

F for Fashion 

I guess the bags are also joining the tribe of the items that are the least used since 2020! still why not check new bags trends! And while you are home, learn new makeup skills! How to contour and bronze!

F for Food

Don’t be focused on Corona only, maybe it is a flu! and what is better than a grandma’s recipe of healthy chicken soup that will cure anything!

F for Fitness

Stuck at home, and most probably you are sore either of too much laying down or maybe hoem workout! in all cases try the pillow stretch!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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