Fall is officially here, yay another season of the magical 2020 so let us see what it has in store!


In the midst of uncertainties and tragedies, we keep grasping to any sign of hope. I usually don’t feel at my best during seasonal transition, it is like I get the feeling of under-accomplishment when I look back at a season ending. With time, I cultivated self love to celebrate all my achievements and be proud of myself while in the same time look at areas to improve and evolve. This feeling got tamed, yet I think this year it is hitting on another level, not that I had any control over what I experienced this summer, yet I feel that it was a waste. I am trying to nurture the feeling of gratitude, that it could have been worse, that I still managed to have quality time in my hometown with my mother while I was wishing for it during the lockdown back in March. You know what, now that I am writing these words, the perspective changes! Thank you for pushing me to discover myself while being raw with you!


Moving to Miss Rona, huffpost shared this heat map for COVID 19 spreading activities, and as for the vaccine, Johnson and Johnson are at the third phase of vaccine testing.

F for fun

KSA opened the museum of happiness as we all need a booster! Bonus it is instagramable too!


F for Fashion

An unusual year that have forced the slowdown in the fashion industry and weeks. So far NYFW, LFW and now MFW have shifted most of the shows online or physically with minimal attendance. While you head to my last post to check the fall 2020 trends, let us go through the major SS2021 shows. Trends to monitor are pushed forward from previous seasons; think sheer, purple, neutral tones, red and pastel as well as casual and comfortable silhouette as our life shifted during this year. Most of the designers turned back to their roots for another season inspiration paying tribute to their origins, nature and even the brands legagcy.

00007-Self-Portrait-RTW-Spring-202100009-Andrea-Pompilio-RTW-Spring-2021Alberta FerretiD&GFENDINo21


F for Food

As the weather “might get colder, warm up with these fall breakfast ideas: baked banana almond butter or cinnamon quinoa bowl?


F for Fitness

In case you were waiting for an official date to start your fitness journey, here is a beginners guide to workouts and stretches to relieve stiff neck from the wfh or online schooling days!

See you next week!

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