The 2020 is hitting harsh on all levels; January have been the longest month ever and it is charged with lots of disasters and misery. Corona Virus (check tips on how to protect yourself from viruses ), Kobe Bryant and daughter death, Earthquakes and Australia fire…

One thing we should learn and make it as a mantra,

Cherish the time you have with your loved ones.


F for Fun

Mattel new barbies are inclusive and encourage body acceptance. New dolls are released now and we couldn’t be happier.

New barbie dolls

F for Fashion

I was not a big fan of the red carpet look at the Grammy’s which happened early this week. However, I am loving these Copenhagen fashion week Street style trends.

F for food

Raise your hands if you want to stick to healthy eating habits but you think that it takes so much time. Now lower your hands and follow these easy overnight oats recipes to have your breakfast ready the night before!

Overnight strawberry oats and chia

F for fitness

Flexibility is a gift that is not only given to you via your lucky genes, you can work it honey. Check these stretches  to get you closer to your goal!

woman in white one piece swimsuit doing yoga
Photo by Eternal Happiness on

Until next week

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La Petite

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