Adha Mobarak to all of you, may you stay blessed and happy with your family and loved ones.

Starting first with my sweetest Krysteldiaries, who came to Beirut and had finally the chance to sit again with her, how amazing it is to find in this fake world such genuine people.


I also revealed my collaboration with MVMT  , the LA based watch brand, shop yours using code PTITNFIT!


Precious moments were spent with family, celebrating eid. We were visiting relatives and friends, munching around, ALOOOT, and staycation at the lousiest address (wait for my review) yet we had great memories and discoveries (more coming your way soon).

Family first

And now back to reality, back to work, back to routine that is much needed to settle back and enjoy some quality sleep and back on track eating habits!

I finally uploaded the promised video about Rayak trainstation and the story tales; give it a watch and tell me what you think.


Speaking of trains,

F for Fun

Who of you haven’t heard about The orient express? Well, there are many other Luxurious train rides around the world, where upscale accommodation is available while you are roaming the cities, kind of land cruising! Check them out here; which will you take one day?

Art by Tom Young

F for food

If you have been throwing the apples core, then you have been wasting the very best part, why? check what the seeds and pulps have the best mix of bacteria for your gut health, bonus, buy yours organic.

An apple a day, Belgrade


F For Fitness

We often focus on abs and glutes that we omit the upper body in the workout. Here is a series of moves to strengthen your shoulders

woman exercising bear body of water
Photo by Nathan Cowley on


F for Fashion (beauty)

What do you think when I tell you Louvre; art right? Well think twice; the most famous museum has collaborated with Ramdane Touhami and Victoire de Taillac, co-founders of Officine Universelle Buly to create eight perfumes based on the most iconic artworks.

Scented postcards of the new fragrances are available for €7. Image: Buly


See you next week!

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La Petite

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