OMG it is August already, I mean where are the days flying, blink your eyes and it is new year!

Thank God for being in Lebanon where the summer extends its arms up to October! And those who aren’t, well , it takes one airplane ticket!

This week, I attended the 124th celebration of the Beirut -Damascus line inauguration at Rayak Train Station. The place is mesmerizing, each corner is telling a story of that golden era, that was beautifully presented in painting by Tom young and photos by Eddy Choueiry. 

Train station


Train in Rayak


Art by Tom Young

The event included a guided tour to the station, where Carlos from Train Train NGO told us some interesting stories (check the video)


So let us move to the interesting links!


F for Fun

Stargazers rejoice, August second new moon will be a supermoon, check the link to see what this will mean for you! Hint it includes lots of beautiful Stars!

When sunset meet new Moon


F for Fashion

Are you getting read for eid, I sure am so excited and best part is to prepare the outfits! So check the latest trends and my latest styling video to have you turning heads this eid!

F for Food

Personally, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day; while i stick to a routine during weekdays, I love to experiment during the weekends. Here are 10 recipes that are crowd pleasers too. What is your favorite breakfast?

Healthy Carrot cake 


F for Fitness

We often suffer form lower back pain as the bad posture and long office hours leave us stiff and in bad conditions. Let us take care of our selves and try these yoga stretches that will ease the mind and body.

Photo by theformfitness on


See you next week!

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