Eid Mobarak to all; hopefully you spent it with your loved ones. I took a break to enjoy family time and now we are back!

What is in store this week?

F for fun

You know how Instagramable location govern our trips now, how about having the best stop in your own hotel room?! Valio Jäätelöfabriikki Sweet Suite, named after Valio’s ice cream brand, features 1930s vintage furnishings and sweet treats in the freezer in the room. Get the scoop about it here (pun intended:P)

Creidts to Lonely Planet


F for food

I always start my day either with lemon water or vinegar water. Many benefits have been proved as detoxing your body in a natural way and glowing your skin; check more benefits listed here.

Fruit basket


F for Fashion

Are you a fan of sunglasses? Update your collection with the 6 new trends for this summer. I am personally an avid fan of cat eye nut also love the round ones. what about you?


F for Fitness

Yoga does not only regulate your mood and well being, it can also have effect on regulating your blood sugar level. Here are five poses to help you.

woman flexing her legs
Photo by theformfitness on Pexels.com


See you next week!

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La Petite

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