Few months back, Souk el Tayeb family welcomed a new beit, this time it was back to the roots, in Beirut.

Four rooms where each takes us back to the golden years with a decoration inspired from the good old days, pieces from  Rana Salam shop and embroideries by Salim Azzam.

Plants and terrace overlooking the port of Beirut.

Yet the demand of the beit lovers lead to opening of additional four rooms again with the same feel and history.

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When I was touring them, my heart skipped a beat on a specific one: room nbr 5 where the sunset was warming the interior and the little sofa adjacent to the windows was inviting. And so I booked my complimentary stay after arranging with the sweetest Hana for the weekend after.


The clock ticked at 2 pm and Hana was there watching over the room preparation on a Saturday with her delicate attention.

The room has a small area with a round table and plants doubling as your in room garden, which hosted my first Makeup tutorial.


The bed faces the large windows, you can’t and should not stop the child in you to just jump and sink in comfort. The room also has a private bathroom separated with a sliding door to profit the most from the space.


The neighboring rooms have each a charm. And the whole apartment is embellished with Tapestry from Jean Clause Bisseri.

Hana briefed me about the kitchenette at the entrance which has a mini “honesty ” fridge that has sparkling water and wine for small prices. Complimentary water dispenser, coffee ( arabic and espresso) as well as fruits and dessert.

I enjoyed watching the sunset from my room before heading out to enjoy the eve. The location is so practical and close to plenty of places whichever was your style: restaurants or rooftops, dancing or dining addresses are endless.

Though the windows are sound proof yet it was a bit hard to ignore the loud music from the neighboring pubs; I hope this gets figured out.

Yet the comfort of the bed and the quiet neighbors in the other rooms allowed a restorative sleep.

Breakfast is served in the room or in the terrace, felt super pampered with Hana’s attention who doubled as my photographer too!
A Lebanese tray landed in my room making the best end to my stay.


My first experience at a Beit surely left me planning for more.

I always believed that a staycation would help you disconnect and recharge, sometimes, all it takes is to change the view.

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