While the world is sinking in garbage crisis and overuse of the natural resources as well as many other disasters due to global warming, big companies are trying to step up and support foundation, reducing carbon foot print and encouraging people to recycle and adopt a green approach in their daily life.

This month, Pepsi Co Foundation  announced that it will donate $10 million to the Recycling Partnership, a nonprofit that raises money from the private sector and puts it toward recycling innovations around the United States. They are hoping that putting money behind recycling initiatives means more recycled material to work with and fewer new plastics that need to be created. PepsiCo is hoping that by helping clean up the recycling industry, it will influence other food and beverage companies to do the same. (MindBodyGreen)

McDonald’s and Starbucks just joined forces to design a new recyclable, compostable to-go cup for the food industry. (MindBodyGreen)

Coca Cola on the other hand is rewarding each bottle returned with tickets to themed parks in UK just like the U.S. Merlin, owner and operator of several U.K. resort theme parks, has teamed up with Coca-Cola to boost recycling and combat litter pollution in the U.K. (Inhabitat)

As for Levi’s, two years ago, the company started a pilot project in factories in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam to cut carbon emissions by an average of around 20% and collectively saved $1 million.(Fast Company).

Hoping that such initiatives will be more spread across the region too. Few baby steps started with simple steps such as omitting plastic cutlery in deliveries, banning straws and hopefully more will follow.

Photo Via Dreamstime

Stay Green

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