A while ago, during my trip to USA, I was approached by the communication team at Mikasa beauty.

As usual, before moving forward with any collaboration request, I make my research and even test things on myself in order to ensure the credibility of the claims.


So what is Mikasa? As they introduce themselves on their website, it is a new makeup brush company located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. Their brushes are of the highest quality, at very affordable prices. They use the top material to ensure the premium quality of the brushes.

I wanted to try a sample of their brushes so I purchased while in USA the Essential face set as well as their best seller Techni Oval Brush .


The order was made on their website, a confirmation email is received, and another one when the order is shipped. The delivery was very accurate too.

Note that they Deliver worldwide, and for free for purchases over 50 $ in USA and Canada, and over 100$ internationally.

I used the brushes for my Eid Makeup, and I loved the flawless finishing as well as the versatility of the set:

Concealer brush: flexible and allows perfect blending of the product

The Powder brush with rounded head for uniform blending

 The blush brush: to apply both blush and bronzer to give you a natural glow

The duo fiber finishing brush:  blending powder, cream, or liquid products.

The techni oval brush: to apply contour, even eye shadows or concealer

Check the result By yourself!6847E06E-6537-45DA-BF50-5B0B557340BF

Finally, I will not leave this to Myself; now you can sue the Promocode PTINFITBEAUTY25 to grant you 25% discount on all the purchase!

Happy Shopping!


La Petite


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