How beautiful and surprising life can be!

An opening invitation of the converse flagship store by Sidewalks and Converse Levant in ABC Verdun, organized by my favorite lucky charm Tony of the Agenda Beirut, turned into a trip to Boston as I was the lucky one to visit the Converse Headquarters!


From My favorite B city, with my travel buddy, we flew all the way to Boston to watch behind the scenes of the making off the All star.

Keep an eye on the blog as I have tons of posts coming your way about this long awaited trip to the USA with all the details you love and wait for!

But Converse deserved the first and unique post of its own. On a BEAUTIFUL Monday morning (yeah even I never thought the two words could work together!) The taxi dropped us off Lovejoy! what a lovely name for a street!


Escorted by the marketing team to tour the new headquarters. We visited the different floors and an exclusive peek on the new spring / summer collection.

But most importantly, we got to learn about the historical evolution of the all generations favorite!

Since 1908, converse has been there, supporting your feet with new techniques and never stopped innovating.

What started as rubber boots, or leather shoes evolved to basketball (the new sports in town) shoes which was promoted by players such as the all famous all star ambassador Taylor, to supporting the soldiers who were themselves working in the factory before the World War II.


Until the new wave of converse hit the market, and the hard work paid off, the converse emerged as a cultural icon. Between the 1970s and the 1980s, introducing the new colorful sneakers and the leather all star and the one star during the 1990s.


The creativity of the Converse designers is cherished with the management allowing each to showcase their work in designated showroom on monthly basis.



The experience was even more unique at the store! I unleashed my creativity to customize an all star shoes form scratch, I can’t wait to show you how it turned out!


Don’t you think that I left before getting my hands on a new one also from the spring collection; this will be styled differently making use of its pastel green color.


As the day came to an end, I left the store extremely happy of this unique chance I was given!

Thank you Converse, Sidewalks and the agenda! Looking forward fruitful collaboration in the near future too.



From B to B with Love

La Petite




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