Disregarding the rainy weather that hit us delaying many outdoorsy events, here are some shiny news in the foodie scene to look out for.

As eager as I am to share with you brightful news that I stumble upon the web here is the list of things we might see soon popping up:

  1. Apparently May Showers are getting us DoughFlowers!
Photos via @beelzbubb, @wunderkind and http://guestofaguest.com


2. The  first-ever marshmallow café is set to open in Chicago by the co-founders Lindzi Shanks and Kathryn Connor. Raspberry marshmallow anyone?!

Photo via @xo.marshmallow and http://guestofaguest.com


3. Ferrero is doing a fight back against the rumors about the carcinogenic contents of its famous Nutella jar. World’s first Nutella café is opening in the US!

nut jar


4. Going on with the sweet trends, a cookie dough restaurant opened its doors in NYC this January. Lucky us in Lebanon the creative Nahlan behind Better from Scratch satisfied our craves for that trend too!

Photo via @betterfromscratch 


5. And to end it on a sweet salty note, for all the avocado lovers out there, a new proclaimed the “world’s first avocado bar” Avocaderia opened its doors in Brooklyn (though Food & Wine reports there’s already an all-avocado restaurant in Amsterdam!).

Photos via @avocaderia


What about your dream food wave? You never know when it will see the light!


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