So ok, I love spring, i just LEUUUUUUUVV spring!

Warm weather, flowers blossoming, longer sunny hours, delicious fruits and good mood! It is time to end the winter hibernation and start removing these layers and feel lighter.

Miracle garden, UAE

Plus, it is a trial to see what repercussions did those fondue nights had on your body and make it up before bikini season; take it as a sort of rehearsal!

Now moving to the best part of spring: OUTFITS!  I collected for you some nice tips to help you get inspired on your new spring makeover.

Let us start by defining what are Spring colors trends, as explained by The Zoe report:

  • Fiery red that will guarantee bringing your outfit to life:
Cropped Sweater Zara, (source: The Zoe report)
  • Dusty pink a perfect touch of color yet neutral, a Darling!
Shiny frilled dress -Zara (source: Zara)


  • Powder blue with its calming tone, warm yet cool…
Straight linen-blend trousers- Mango (Source: Mango)

Now that we picked the colors with some picks from your favorite stores, let us move to how to clean your wardrobe. If you are wondering about the trends to say goodbye to this spring, I will sum it up to you: Lace down, skate tees, hoodies, shredded jackets and stans. Take a look at the Guest to guest  detailed post about that.

Photo via @peaceloveshea (Source Guest to guest)

To give you further inspiration on how to make the smooth transition from those ankle boots till it is time to show the toes! Follow the advises of the fashion insiders as shown in this article by The new potato. My best one is:


Finally, to compliment the look with a flawless makeup, check those tricks inspired by the Fustany  site! that will make your life easier! After all the fork is not only to roll your spaghetti!

Image via Fustany

But what matters the most, not only an uplift of your wardrobe and look, but letting those sunshiny rays of sun getting into your soul and shine inside out.

Need some additional tips, check this awesome article by Manrepeller and show your teeth 🙂



La petite!

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