Your guide to Antalya’s Land of Legends: In collaboration with Nakhal

On a beautiful early Sunday morning, at 7 am to be specific, 30 instagramers found their way to Beirut Intl Airport and the adventure began! Ok now that sounded like a fairy tale, but wait it was! A sweet invitation from Nakhal to spend a day, yes a day, not in Lebanon, nope in Antalya! […]Read more

It is time to change your Make up brushes: PTITNFITXMIKASA

A while ago, during my trip to USA, I was approached by the communication team at Mikasa beauty. As usual, before moving forward with any collaboration request, I make my research and even test things on myself in order to ensure the credibility of the claims. So what is Mikasa? As they introduce themselves on […]Read more

My visit to Converse headquarters in Boston: where one and all star are born

How beautiful and surprising life can be! An opening invitation of the converse flagship store by Sidewalks and Converse LevantĀ in ABC Verdun, organized by my favorite lucky charm Tony of the Agenda Beirut, turned into a trip to Boston as I was the lucky one to visit the Converse Headquarters! From My favorite B city, […]Read more

Ramadan series- Souhour ideas in collaboration with Mintbasil-1: Overnight oatmeal and chia pudding,

Last week, I received the first Souhour packageĀ from MintBasil market, coupled with three recipes that are so easy to reproduce home! The best part was that you can prepare them in the evening to devour them on Souhour! And most importantly they are HEALTHY and TASTY! I also had so much fun working on my […]Read more

Ramadan series: how to make a healthy souhour, in collaboration with Mintbasil Market

Ramadan Karim, we are blessed again to witness one of the best months of the year. Hopefully you seize the chance, this year to profit from this month on both spiritual and health levels. We frequently read about the best diets that include fasting, the trendiest one being the intermittent fasting (read more here) where […]Read more