Happy three years PTITNFIT. Tears fill my eyes as I am grateful for where I am now.

I learned how to appreciate the success that I was getting and even more the things that didn’t work for me; it was either to learn a lesson or simply because they are not meant for me.

Step-by-step I’m getting closer to where I want to reach. Day by day vision is clearer to where  PTITNFIT is heading.


Throughout this journey, God has introduced me to genuine beautiful souls, who are my support system. I am grateful for each one of you and I never shy out of expressing it.

Yet also many opportunists came along the way; acting smart while thinking they are fooling you. And by these I mean some fellow bloggers/ instagramers and businesses. At the end of the day, what they don’t know is that, as intuitive as I am, I am not blinded by their lies, I am genuinely supportive but not stupid. I know how and when to stop!

The learning process is what keeps me growing and so does your precious support and feedback.

Looking forward a new year full of exciting opportunities and nchalla what I am seeking is closer and closer!

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La Petite

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