On your way: your affordable personal shopper!

Here is a scenario: you are surfing the internet, checking the sites for good deals, and finally you find what you are looking for; you click to purchase to find out that the item does not ship to Lebanon; what a bummer! You start asking in your social media feed: guys is anyone coming from […]Read more

Summer launches in Beirut: Spas, shops and Ice cream!

With the temperatures rising, and vacationers flooding to Beirut; the city is continuously beating with new places and activities. I selected few of the events that I attended: two openings and relaunch of a childhood favorite. 1- In a prime location in Minet el Hosn, Skin pro opened a second location. Besides their versatile treatments, […]Read more

The green revolution: Initiatives by Pepsi Coca Cola, Starbucks, McDonald and Levi’s

While the world is sinking in garbage crisis and overuse of the natural resources as well as many other disasters due to global warming, big companies are trying to step up and support foundation, reducing carbon foot print and encouraging people to recycle and adopt a green approach in their daily life. This month,¬†Pepsi Co […]Read more

Toters got you covered; La Petite too! Spend to earn and much more.

Traffic, tight schedules, errands, and it is all driving us crAZY! But hey breath in, breath out, I have something for you! What if I tell you that you are one click away of having the best delivered at your door step? Even though the delivery services are offered by so many places, there were […]Read more

The bridge: Eat, Play, Workout and Unwind!

How practical it is to park your car, cross a gate, and have everything you need in one place? Much needed no? Well, The bridge heard your request, and your wishes are now fulfilled. One location in Sin El Fil, Mirna Chalouhi’s highway, right before Al Hallab shop, there is a parking, and valet parking […]Read more