How can it be that one can not belong wherever they go? When I leave Lebanon, I feel myself de-rooted, I crave being back, to my own cocoon, my space and my life. And when I am back, I just feel an urge to leave. You know when your values are no longer valid? Not that I would ever change who I am, but I feel at every breath, I am fooled in my own country.

I will not talk about the inflation that is already everywhere and ofcourse Lebanon leads! But I will talk about the greediness of business owners, who are now in the phase of Give me your money with nothing in return. They couldn’t care less about the customer service and satisfaction, we are merely $ for them.

The hair salon owner who thinks she is acting clever by charging high prices on shitty service and detaining a high amount of deposit for urgent cancellation way ahead of time from my cousin ( 100$ pretending she bought items two months ahead of the date!)

The translator whose level is equal to a forth grade student and who doesn’t bother to double check her work for important document yet is critical about how new the 10$ paper (of the 45$ she charged for the work that I ended up doing on her behalf)

The computer store who changed my laptop battery which did not serve me a month before being totally useless and thought they can charge me for a new one.

Ogero, alfa, supermarket, fuel…..

If everyone at their small scale is corrupted, how can we expect any change?

F for Fact

Talking about scams, Google as Meta are now urged by USA to stop the fake ads and scammers from reaching to customers. On another note, Gen Z is racking the highest credit debt during the inflation.

F for Fashion

TikTok made me wear it! Millennials and Gen Z are getting more inspired by TikTokers in their fashion purchases so who are some of the accounts to follow?

F for Fitness

Leg day gone harsh? Check these tips on how to massage your muscle knots the right way. Try these 12 yoga poses to improve your posture. Take your workout wherever you go like Nour does!

F for Food

Use your air fryer to “grill”! Or try this chicken skillet recipe with fresh summer ingredients.

See you next week!

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