Joyce has graced us with the most gorgeous snow covering with white the dull life that we are living. In the midst of the storm, I think about all those who need shelter and support, may we be merciful on all like Allah wants us to be.
The kid in me gets thrilled every time the flakes get bigger, it is so pure and soft that it purifies my soul.

On the darker side, corona keep us thrilled with the news about B.1.1.7 mutation and understand more how do mutations work. Pregnant ladies check all what you need to know about the vaccine before deciding and this article explains why you should take the vaccine even if you were already infected.


F for Fun /facts

How to get over a cold fast? It’s the season and with the fear of corona on every cough, better heal fast!

F for food

Would you try this new way of storing fresh avocadoes? Expect many guacamoles now!

F for Fashion /beauty

As stress is affecting our health in all ways, take care of your beauty and try these hair masks . On another note, if you resist cutting bangs, here is how to part hair!

F for Fitness

Have you heard of muscle confusion? It seems the workout change is a must!

See you next week!

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