Don’t you just love holidays?

Many occasions to dress up and feel more beautiful!

1- The rock style: faux leather jacket and pants (Moustache) a puffy sleeve shirt (Mango) and a touch of color with green shoes ( charles and keith)

2- A green overall ( zara) to which I added a belt ( other side); wear it with black and golden slides ( moustache)

3- Hide the baby food under the trench coat! (Boutikko) but hey, you can still take off that to show the navy blue wool skirt ( moustache) with the patterned blouse (boutikko) and a green pump ( moustache)

4- Back to simple shirt dress ( zara) and the green shoes ( Charles and keith)

5- Plaid it safe! A pink dress (Sylvian Heach) and brown pump ( Charles and Keith)

6- Sparkle it with accessories! A wool dress ( forever 21) and brown ankle boots ( Charles and Keith)

7- Madame Coco has nothing on you! Black and white checked dress (mango) with faux leather jacket ( moustache) and ankle boots (bata). Don’t forget the hat and gloves

8- The pink dress makes a comeback this time under the oversized coat ( zara) and the navy blue ankle boots (Charles and Keith)

9- Elevate that LBD ( mango) with Red tarbouch and grey ankle boots ( charles and keith)

10- The black velvet dress could use a touch of burgundy (Charles and Keith)

11- Stay warm with the checked wool dress (mango) and the grey ankle boots ( Charles and Keith)

12- Sparkle once more with the metallic thread dress ( mango) and black pumps

13- And flirt a bit with a ruffled green dress ( bershka) and some design tights. Attention to that Ferragamo bag!

14- Who can resist a black top (otherside) and plaid skirt with high boots

15- Oh that sheer top ( stradivarius) with faux leather skirt ( zara) is a thing!

16- A vintage look with the velvet skirt ( HM) sheer too and a gilet.

17- Gotta stay warm with velvet skirt ( zara) and jacket (moustache) and a blouse with ankle boots (aldo)

18- Another casual look with velvet red skirt ( zara) and classic top ( tommy) and that beautiful ankle boot ( Charles and Keith)

19- Le rouge c’est chic! A velvet top with black laces ( otherside) and a simple basic black pant and pump

20- Wrap the look with a smile and red shirt ( promod) black skirt ( otherside) and ankle boots (bata)

Let me know which is your favorite look!

Stay merry and jolly, follow my insta and facebook pages for live updates too.


La Petite

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