Your travel guide to Boston: top things to see, do, sleep and eat!

After almost three years, it was time to be back to USA. A trip over three weeks, was distributed between Boston, New York, Tampa, Orlando and Lakeland, yep it was a long one! The first stop was in Boston. It is one of the oldest cities in USA and capital of Massachusetts. Fun Fact via¬†Travel […]Read more

Where to eat in Cambridge: Russel House

When in Boston, a not to be missed area is Cambridge, home for Harvard famous university. The area is boosting with life with its young crowd, we enjoyed our stroll on Sunday and we all know that Sunday rhymes with Brunch! After failed attempt at one outlet which was serving limited options, we opted to […]Read more

It is time to change your Make up brushes: PTITNFITXMIKASA

A while ago, during my trip to USA, I was approached by the communication team at Mikasa beauty. As usual, before moving forward with any collaboration request, I make my research and even test things on myself in order to ensure the credibility of the claims. So what is Mikasa? As they introduce themselves on […]Read more

Where to eat in Boston: Saltie girl

I eyed this place on my first day in Boston,¬† it was full and I was too hungry to wait, yet I promised myself to be back, because I tell you what, IT IS WORTH IT! So on Monday, yeah vacation allows it! I headed with my friend to enjoy our brunch! The place is […]Read more

Where to eat in Boston: Atlantic fish

The first lunch in Boston had to be special, in the end the weather was sunny and calling to sit and relax in the terraces and that is exactly what we did. We were even lucky to get a table without waiting, and were catered by the sweet team. The warm bread basket was a […]Read more