Traffic, tight schedules, errands, and it is all driving us crAZY! But hey breath in, breath out, I have something for you!

What if I tell you that you are one click away of having the best delivered at your door step? Even though the delivery services are offered by so many places, there were still many reluctant of hoping on.

Here is a scenario: you are running late in the morning, you did not even have the time to get your coffee, and you are sitting there in your office, cranky A*, craving your cup of Joe! Have mercy on your colleagues! Your favorite coffee can be in your hands now? Yes It is POSSIBLE.

The hero

Toters  is there on the rescue; in fact this is how the idea was born! TOTErs will carry your orders to you!

An application allowing you to order from over 200 restaurants covering different cuisines, constantly growing to include more and more of those places that do not usually deliver such as Couqley,  Mario e Mario  and much more.

How to use it:

1- Download the app

2- Create an account, and pin your location: this is very practical as you can save many addresses which makes it easier for you next time you want to order, you just choose the address and the order will be delivered without making a single phone call

3- Based on your location, you will have a list of the available stores, surf through their menus, and choose what you want. There is a filter to refine your search per type or eating habit: YES YOU CAN GET HEALTHY FOOD DELIVERED!

You can even order from several stores and schedule your delivery time.

4- Once you made your order, choose your payment option (upon delivery or online) , and process

5- Now it is time to track your order, from the minute it is prepared until it reaches you, since the Toters drivers are the ones delivering it and not the restaurant.

6- Once you receive the order, rate the service!

For the time being, Toters covers Beirut and Hazmieh, but they are also expanding to Metn area.

My experience

During the Holidays, Toters had the special Christmas store, I was very happy to use the service, and bought nice earrings from Lebelik. Fast, reliable and great quality!


Another day, I order through Toters a salad from Cantina sociale, again with the fastest service and accuracy, I was very happy!


The catch

As I L♥ve my dearest followers, I secured for you 7 $ off your first order by entering the code PTITNFIT.

You can also invite your friends, you will both get 5$ credit.

“GET20”  promocode is running till February 28, use it and you will get 20 % cashback on your order credited to you account! How cool is that, you spend to earn!

You see, I told you, Toters got you covered, La Petite too!

Download the app and let the fun start!

La Petite


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