Divvy has a new menu and I have picked my favorite item already!

Tastes are changing and evolving, the majority are travelling and exploring new cuisines. And while we feel comfort in the known, we are also looking for new experiences. Clever business are attentive to the market’s demand, and Divvy is one of them for sure! I had the pleasure to be exploring the new menu in […]Read more

Top 5 heartwarming coffee shops in Beirut-part 2! With a bonus too

This winter is taking it seriously, and I am here to fight back the Blues, by selecting one of the best places that make you enjoy the warmth and embrace the Hygge without breaking the bank! After publishing my first list of the top heartwarming coffee shops in Beirut, I promised you another list, and […]Read more

Today I will…Not another to do list!

New year starts usually with resolutions, plans, to do lists, etc… as if an extra pressure is needed. This year, l wanted things to be different, why not start the year with a positive approach, stress free and gentle on oneself? That was the idea behind “Today I Will”, I wanted it to be the […]Read more

Toters got you covered; La Petite too! Spend to earn and much more.

Traffic, tight schedules, errands, and it is all driving us crAZY! But hey breath in, breath out, I have something for you! What if I tell you that you are one click away of having the best delivered at your door step? Even though the delivery services are offered by so many places, there were […]Read more

Planning a vacation soon, check the top destinations for 2018.

We are only in February, but most of us are already thinking where their spring break, summer break, or mini vacation would be! 2018 sounds promising with the top destinations, for me Portugal, Spain and Corsica are definitely on my list! Or if your destination is specified by the “Instagramability” of the location, then this […]Read more