Brassica: Gotta love My Mustard family!

Many many restaurants are opening to a point you can’t keep track anymore. But something has to make one different from the other, what would it be the cuisine, the location… Honestly I started seeing that customer service plays the major role in making me come back. I have to add that it is becoming […]Read more

Lingua café: a surprising mix and a lot more to be told

Beware of the appearances, as behind the most modest doors hide the best experience. A new resto café opened its doors in Sin El Fil, in the same building as The American Lebanese Language Center, where young Jad took in charge a family location and turned it into “Lingua” as he was inspired by the location […]Read more

A la saj: innovating your regular manoushe

Re routing the saj history, this time from Montreal back to Beirut, A la saj opened its doors in Wardyeh Hamra. Transferring a know how that was spread over several countries, from Canada, to Panama, South Africa, Morocco, Jordan, UAE and now Lebanon. As they describe themselves, A la saj represents fusion take on the […]Read more

Old: Nikita Gill

There is a beautiful thing inside you That is thousands of years old Too old to be captured in poems Too old to be loved by everyone But loved so very deeply By a chosen few     In response to Tuesday Photo Challenge, Theme was Old: I was inspired by this beautiful poem of Nikita Gill and loved […]Read more

Tawlet catering, the new service by Tawlet Souk el tayeb; united for the love of food

Make food not war is not just a slogan, it is a mantra by which the Tawlet, Beit and Souk el Tayeb family live by. Kamal Mouzawak is acknowledged world-wide for his dedication to empower farmers, local producers and mothers working with passion and saving the Lebanese heritage special to each village. What started as […]Read more