The vibrant city that never sleeps, Beirut has always something new blossoming and I will be collecting and sharing the best of what I discover more regularly with you.

Holidays around the corner, and alot of interesting things are going!

  • Christmas markets here and there:

Les Créneaux had their Christmas market, the most interesting places to check where the hand-made bags from Joane K and the cakes freshly made by Laurita’s bites

Joane K
Laurita’s bites

Le Bristol: where I loved shops for gifts specially Rifafir  for your customized candles, Lam soap as well as L’atelier Nawbar for unique Jewelry.

Lam Soap
L’atelier Nawbar

You can also visit others as planned:

  1. Saifi village (1-6 Dec)
  2. Villa Linda Sursock (8-10 Dec) organized by The Agenda
  3. Badaro (9-10 Dec)
  • Gifts shopping: you can check these additional interesting addresses:

A- Khan el joukh is open in Beirut Souks with young designers like Salim Azzam and other members of Creatives Space Beirut and Starched Foundation. Unique pieces from talented designers.

Salim Azzam
Creative Spaces


B-Mukhi Sisters have inaugurated their flagship store in Downtown Beirut and you can guarantee scoring the best gift from their unique collections. You get also a taste of the sisters’ family history and most importantly you are helped with a smile!

Left to right: Le blog de Chanty, Meena Mukhi, Me, Shoug
Mukhi Sisters

C-Sabulosity also launched their new collection in their store; special line by the Daughter Nadine who inherited the good taste from her mother!


D-Loulicious is also on the list of your unique gift quest; you will not be deceived.

G- Away from Jewelry, how about an authentic not so regular cooking book: Manger Libanais by Kamal Mouzawak: a story telling of the Mamas behind Tawlet buffets and their favorite recipes!


H- Two words you cannot say no to: Chocolate and Sunshine by the sunshine lady Roula Nahas


I- Or how about adding a special zaatar? The good thymes have tasty mixes and great arrangements!

J- And finally how about I guide you to one site making it easier to pick your beauty related gifts? Feel 22 is the right address. Bonus, use the code PTITNFITFEEL22 when you checkout to secure 10% discount 🤩

  • Various events:
  1. One of the most charming things that happen every Christmas, is Beirut Chants offering you the opportunity to listen for free to the angelic voices and embrace the holiday spirit. Check the schedule and make sure to be there on time!
  2. Support the kids with heart problems and attend a beautiful concert organized by Rotaract and have Christmas in our hearts

279.JPGSouk el Tayeb is now joining forces with Souk el ard, so make sure to drop by on Wednesday at Gefinor Hamra or Saturday in Beirut Souks!

And finally, you have an amazing opportunity to give back to those in need, Meats and bread is now donating 10 % of your bill to Lebanese autism society; double the joy of enjoying your meal and giving back to society!


Stay tuned as I promised to share more of the events that I attend as well as those if interest I get to know about!

Tune in to my Instagram and facebook pages, stay warm and jolly!

La Petite


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