Morning Glow

When those first rays start lighting up your day, everything seems possible. Let the Glow shine upon you! Morning glow is almost here Morning glow by your light We can make the new day bright And the phantoms of the night Will fade into the past Morning glow is here   By Original Broadway Cast   

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Lobster society: ShEll we eat!

How did you know about us?! A very sweet humble question I was asked when I stepped in to enjoy a huss free, reservation free midweek dinner! To which I replied: Oh from social media but now that all the buzz is calming, I can come! And I could not have been Happier! Thank you […]

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Breakfast Barn: Healthies rejoice!

If healthy can be tangible, the closest would be a meal at Breakfast Barn! A beautiful balcony overlooking a small street in Achrafieh, a welcoming sign: “We serve Health for breakfast, brunch et un ptit cafe”, inviting right! On a Sunday morning, where laziness is allowed, and meal times can be modified as one likes, […]

Read more Delightful Delicatessen is one of the four sisters restaurants, Burger Co and recently opened Ummi at Beirut souks. And it is not to be underestimated! Same concept of ability to order from all four menus, we opted to honor’s menu only, and we did not regret! Service is synchronized with the theme, the staff are […]

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