Nothing but Blue!

For this week’s Tuesday Challenge  and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Blue (as a color starting with B) was the theme, which brought me back to the two Blues I like: Sky and sea! Here is a selection of some photos taken from my travels, with the lyrics of  Blue Skies by Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra Blue […]Read more

Kaléo: “The voice” of fine dining is calling!

If you have raved about the innovative decoration of DT, So, The gathering and memory lane among many creative designs of David and Nicolas from Found’d group, then you will surly love their new signature “Kaléo” opened last March. With garden hues of velvet green and flamenco’s pink, the indoor area is very inviting. Different […]Read more

Your ultimate travel guide to Aqaba; Back to back Jordan: From dead to red!

Summer is on fya! Wedding season, beach, parties, fun and all what goes around that! I was invited this weekend to Aqaba to celebrate Paul and Rawan’s wedding. For those of you following “ cough “ follow asap my instagram and facebook profiles you had a taste of what I was living. Your travel consultant […]Read more

Tallet Abou Zeid: innovative tradition

How could I not knew this place before, I regret missing all the tasty meals that I could have enjoyed long time before! But I am planning to make it up! You are only one trip away of savoring innovative traditional Lebanese cuisine; located in Dhour Shweir, overlooking the vast Bekaa valley, tallet Abou Zeid […]Read more

Meats and bread: through the good, the better and the best!

Patiently working behind the scenes in the very well-known Ferdinand pub in Hamra, where people rave about the mood and the foooood, Ferdinand burger anyone?!, Chef Riad has been sewing a dream that he materialized recently inside a renovated space in Gemmayze and so Meats and Bread was born. Passing by the area, I was observing for […]Read more