La Petite has its Table in Verdun!

¬†ABC Verdun, is now open adding a breath of freshness to Beirut. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the location, who could have imagined that the tiny street of Verdun could host its own garden; you can be literally tempted to grab your picnic basket and laze in! Ok maybe I am exaggerating here! […]Read more

Smoking bun: The battle of the add ons

A fast food joint decided to take it to another level to make it more of a gourmet destination and then Smoking bun was born. A small outlet in Hamra followed by two other branches in Mar Mkhayel and seasonal one in Kfardebian. Regulars used to enjoy a stress free menu consisting of choosing the […]Read more

El brimo: copied identity

With the innovation that is ruling the food and drinks outlets in Lebanon, it is becoming harder for the newly opened ones to distinguish themselves. A new trendy wave of the renovated old houses turned into restaurants is noticed and especially since the new neighborhood of Mar Mkhayel – Geitawei was explored. I headed with […]Read more