Dinner by the sea: Chez zakhia

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What I love about internationally organized trainings is that it allows us to mingle with mentalities and cultures from all over the globe. I love travelling, but also as a proud Lebanese, I love when we host those groups and show them whenever possible the beauty of our beloved country.

In the frame of the Lebanese hospitality, we enjoyed dinner by the sea in Amchit. Chez Zakhia was on top of the recommended spots and we did not regret the choice.

The location is appealing: just by the sea a huge restaurant spread over two floors: indoor and outdoor where you can almost dip your toes in the emerald sea.

With enchanting voices of the waves clashing and the sky reflecting over the water shadowing the playful tiny fish we sat and enjoyed our dinner served by amazing staff.

A Lebanese mezze spread to satisfy the eyes and the stomach:

  • Rich sea food salad that could be a meal on its own, as citrusy as you like it


  • Creamy moutabbal and hummus
  • Shnaklish with onions, tomatoes and parsley to mix and indulge


  • Stuffed vines leaves like mom cooks them


  • Tajin was tasty but would have prefered more fish in it, I am greedy!


  • Shrimps à la provencale cooked to perfection


  • Sabbidej melting in your mouth as tender as ever


  • Fried fish rolls and fish kibbe: rich in flavors and crunchy


  • Batata harra: my least favorite as it was too oily


  • Ending the meal with both fried and grilled catch of the day fish both enjoyable

Lebanese hospitality in such renowned restaurants goes on to the offering of seasonal fruits and traditional desserts to end the meal with a huge smile.

It is a must try! Come and enjoy a very relaxing eve savoring sea food and other tasty creations by the sea!



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A fashionista, passionate photographer and foodie. I am sports freak, barre trainer and pilates instructor. I wander off the world searching for mesmerizing scenes and discovering the hidden gems off the beaten track. Follow me on my journey full of excitement, beauty and joy!
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