A scented dinner at the Villa: Kronfol

I had the chance to visit Kronfol new outlet during the opening of Printania villa‘s opening last Tuesday in Broumana. I often planed a visit to Kronfol as much as I heard about its tasty take on the Lebanese cuisine and I was not deceived. We were welcomed and seated on their beautiful terrace overlooking […]Read more

Broumana’s secret garden: Printania Villa

Last Tuesday marked the beginning of Summer season officially with the opening of  Printania Villa in Broumana. a long-awaited event to celebrate summer gracefully. Nestled next to Printania Hotel, this enchanting place that was turned into 12 different outlets to serve you different cuisines and to satisfy your nightish mood with several bars. The venture is a […]Read more

Freshly brewed sip: The liquor coffee store

  Hidden behind flowers planted in chunky coffee beans bags, with an inviting indoor seating open 24/7, the liquor coffee store is a coffee shop by day and a bar by night. You can pass and enjoy your drink, stoke your pantry or soon buy your ground coffee beans too. Rabih is there to welcome […]Read more

East village: New York? no this is Beirut!

Discretely hidden behind glass doors, in the vibrant street of Badaro, with their reputation spreading all over social media of the mouth-watering photos of their plates, East village has everything to please. Dim lights, brick walls, wooden tables: an ambiance that transports you to Manhattan. The menu is sophisticated as of an upscale restaurant yet chill […]Read more

A milanese with lebanese twist: Paper moon

Franchising the famous Milano restaurant chain, Paper moon landed in Ashrafieh, retouching an old Lebanese house with Italian vibes. On the authentic Abdel Wahab street, a small turn to the right, a few steps and there you are living la Dolce vita. Pick your table on their vibrant terrace or indoor where the hues of beige and famous portraits add […]Read more