Steakbarsushi: a palate refining journey from Kyoto through Uruguay to Naccache.

From the serene village in Bkaakafra, to the busy streets of London, passing by the large green landscape in Scotland off to Kyoto’s imperial castles and Buddhist temples and Uruguay’s wild life; a Star War’s fan landed back on the 3rd floor of Maison M in Naccache. Charbel Makhlouf, the new blood soaking in all the […]Read more

When Faqra hosts Beirut, Ramadan has a different taste.

Ramadan is around the corner; it is not only the time for families to gather and share a meal well deserved after long hours of fasting but most importantly the time to think about all those in need. The need is not restricted to providing their families a meal, it can be the need of […]Read more

Peninsula: La Borghese Libanese!

Zomato and The peninsula management hosted us, a bunch of eager foodies, for a zomato meetup. Escape the city’s traffic and disconnect, how you may ask? Well it is easy. The peninsula is located in Dbayeh back street before Le Royal Hotel. Take a small turn on the right to be transported to field of gardenia […]Read more

Saturday treats: new trends in the make!

Disregarding the rainy weather that hit us delaying many outdoorsy events, here are some shiny news in the foodie scene to look out for. As eager as I am to share with you brightful news that I stumble upon the web here is the list of things we might see soon popping up: Apparently May Showers […]Read more

Go Soumy Go:)

Few weeks ago, I got a message about an event organized by Avalon plus and The Beazbee restaurant. They both joined forces to support Soumy. In 1999, she had a tragic car accident that deprived her from walking again. This girl is a warrior though, and with all the determination she had, she embraced her new life and kept […]Read more