Lily’s: the sweet scent of spring.

On a springy day, where the taste buds are blossoming like flowers, eager to new experiences, I went to catch up with my friend over lunch on the terrace. I called earlier to reserve, and a sweet host booked me a table. Upon arriving, a professional staff with genuine smiles welcoming us and guiding us […]Read more

Shakeaway: Let’s work these shakettes!

Are you tired from your regular Strawberry banana milkshake, of the syrup loaded shaved ice, of the extra sweet frozen yogurt? How many times have you wished to get creative with the ingredients and mix and match as per your taste? Shakeaway is the address where your wishes will be granted! It all started back in […]Read more

Tusk: a truly secret gem.

Mar Mkhayel back-roads have plenty of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, from Kalei to Makan and Motto and plenty of other spots off the beaten track, offering unbeatable culinary experiences. And my search for these gems is ongoing. As one day in my Instagram feed I spotted a bakery like no other: Tusk. It took a while to finally find […]Read more

Jaï: Long live Wael!

It all started as a delivery kitchen, catering Hamra and surrounding areas with succulent Thai and Indian dishes. But then people were raving about this place. And the rounded table inside the kitchen was more inviting and so a restaurant was born! You have two options: either venturing in booking a seat on the round […]Read more

Innocence, a three lines tale

  I found a place so safe, not a single tear The first time in my life and now it’s so clear Feel calm, I belong, I’m so happy here   In response to this week’s 3 Lines tales, I paired those lyrics of Innocence by Avril Lavigne with this cute as ever photo! Have an awesome […]Read more