Get grilled: Everything is nice, Persindian and spice!

I have been introduced to Indian cuisine during one of my trips to USA and I was hooked! And have equally enjoyed it in UAE. Back to Lebanon, it was not easy to find affordable indian restaurants; there is Jai that serves it with a twist, there is also Alhindi but it is way more expensive. I enjoyed the […]Read more

Zenotel: Nama-Stay

It was more like a day-dream, what I had in mind, the prefect image of how I want my birthday to be. I searched and searched for a local getaway since I am a firm believer of being a tourist in your own country and Lebanon does not lack the options! I had many places in mind, […]Read more

Ladurée: A March breeze…

This is exactly how it felt at Ladurée, as a soft march breeze! On a calm Monday eve, we passed for a light dinner in a beautiful setting: a grandiose decoration of the Villa in downtown Beirut. The garden outside is more than inviting to enjoy brunches and warm evenings. Step inside, on your left […]Read more

Jackie-O…First time for love

Do you remember a bar that closed in Hamra alleyway and was called Jackie-O (O for Onassis)? Well gladly it re-opened its doors  but in a different location in Saifi, right behind pre-Beirut on the right turn from Lux. Same interpretation of the lady Jackie style, a little sophistication and class in a relaxed great […]Read more

SotO-lio la!

The new branch of Olio and Soto in Badaro is so beautifully designed that you cannot overlook it when you are passing by though it is tucked on one of the side roads of the street. A huge green wall that invites you to come in. I reserved our table to celebrate our friend’s birthday […]Read more