An experience to be rated as high as the grades allow! So what is Baron: as they define themselves perfectly on their website, Baron is a  Mediterranean influenced, European executed and entirely Beirut! They are striving to be creative and provide a welcoming place  and to be the favorite, neighborhood joint! They are cooking food that is meaningful […]Read more

Central station: Pit stop

Sometimes not all books are read by their cover. Though I frequently passed near the Central Station, I was never tempted to try it until I got a recommendation of a friend. And so on a Friday eve, we passed for a quick stop to grab a bite and a drink before joining our friends […]Read more

L’auberge des bois: Achrafieh has it all now!

A vintage sign has caught our attention when passing near the building facing ABC Achrafieh, the same one that hosts Republic and the creative design Shop Décalé. This is the sign, to be improved with more lighting maybe, belonging to l’Auberge des bois, sister of the Bikfaya outlet. Arriving at the main entrance of the building, […]Read more

The gourmand Bistro du moine

It has been around a year or so that the Bistro du moine has entered the restaurant scene in Lebanon, extending to a rooftop to cater summer lovers with Scape and a new fine dining experience le cuitvre. I always had a different impression about the interiors every time I used to pass near it; […]Read more

Let the curtains fall; 2016 a year in review.

At this time of the year, we tend to measure how much we have fulfilled of the ” Resolutions” we promised ourselves to stick with! That is so depressing, let me do it differently, PtitNFit way!  Today, I want to review my year in a visual way. I tried to pick a photo to represent the […]Read more