Signs don’t shout, they whisper!

These photos I am sharing n this post are in response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. I was also inspired by some quotes that are relevant to the “Signs”. The first one is the title I used by  A.D. Posey. Check the rest of the quotes followed by several photos mostly taken by my iPhone […]Read more

Your ultimate travel guide to Italy; La Dolce Vita volume 2

As promised earlier, after giving you tips to prepare for your Italian getaway in la Dolce Vita volume 1, I will share with you the best destinations to visit, shop, eat and relax! In order to set a planning for each day, a very practical tool was Visit a city. So first: andiamo a Roma!  When in […]Read more

Pasquale: The come back!

After months, many months, I was finally back to the Zomato meetup! It is really fun to exchange with foodies who feel it is really ok to spend the first 5 minutes taking the best shot for the food though you and everyone on the table are starving! And who volunteer to hold the flash […]Read more