Manuella: Hospitality redefined

When my cousin used to tell me about how much she LOVES Manuella, and how frequently they invited many of those who used to visit them from abroad, I used to think that maybe and I day maybe she is exaggerating. And due to its location in Jounieh, I did not think it had anything […]Read more

T is for Tawlet

Where to go when you want to indulge in a spread of endless choices of Lebanese traditional cuisines cooked by the most lovable mothers, besides yours of course:p, answer is….. TAWLET. With the creative Kamal Mouzawak, behind Souk El Tayeb, already gaining its famous spot all over the world, and after the huge success of Tawlet […]Read more

Helado: Scoops of pleasure

  And finally, after hearing about the exceptional flavors delivered in this off the beaten track ice cream parlor, I tried Helado, and no I was not disappointed! Freshness everywhere, the decoration, the welcome and most importantly the ice cream flavors! I tried the: Halawa: my first time, loved its creaminess Dark Chocolate, intense flavor Fig: […]Read more

Make me Motto: Sirena’s traditional charcoal tandoor

What can you expect from the amazing people behind “pay what you think is fair” concept already implemented in their two restaurants Motto -Makan except to amaze us even more with a new concept Make me motto in which they are giving the chance to chefs to have their own place to manage from A to Z with the assistance […]Read more

Tshu Tshu :)

In response to “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge”about trains and tracks, and as for the previous post, I would like to share with you my trains and tracks photos and some relevant quotes! Don’t hesitate to share yours:) “Time goes faster the more hollow it is. Lives with no meaning go straight past you, like trains that […]Read more