It was / is the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.

Finally, my PtitNFit is born! I don’t know why it took me that long to actually turn the dream blog into reality, but I do believe that when the time is right anything is possible.I want to share with you my random thoughts and experiences in travelling, cooking, exploring new places and photography. Join me in my journey and i hope you will live and feel the sparkle each time.

In my first post today i want to share my thoughts  about Ramadan, this holy month where we get to reflect about many aspects of this life.

It is beyond the food and drink deprivation, it is more than just feeling with those who are poor; it is the chance to re-establish connection with the human side of us.

I find myself hit by a wave of feelings more than i can imagine to contain, of spirituality and tenderness, of joy and love. A need to communicate and connect with the “other” whether it is a friend you have not spoken to for a while, a family member you were planning to visit or call, the neighbor you can’t usually stand or the colleague you avoided having any contact with. As if suddenly you feel responsible of the image your are reflecting about Islam and fasting.

I remember how we used to gather around my dad when he played the Hakawati and read us stories about prophets and some extracts of  One thousands and one nights. Or how I used to cry when I was too young to fast if they didn’t wake me up for souhour. I feel so blessed and lucky to have these memories, where Ramadan was for us a very special period. It is engraved in my soul and heart, I would have the same ritual wherever I was.

I would like to share with you, what for me represents the best Ramadan, the song written by Ahmad Kaabour and the singers are talented kids form Dar Al Aytam.

Ramadan decoration in the streets around Beirut by Dar Al Aytam
I will try to share with you later on some tips and beautiful finds during this month!

What about you, what are your thoughts about Ramadan, and what are memories you would like to share?

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13 thoughts on “About Ramadan and few other thoughts!

  1. علي البيارق يا حنو عليها وغني للعيد، انشاللع العيد قريب حبيبتي


  2. You’re words are a perfect reflection of your name: Nostalgia. Never stop writing!
    Your dad was such a loving person. Allah yer7amo


  3. What a lovely Post! describes all the amazing feelings you usually experience in this holy month.
    Hoping your Ramadan would be a blessed one just like all the ones you always remember:)
    Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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