One word photo challenge: Cat, and CCY challenge: #23 Black and White

I love those photography challenges around one word / theme, I’m combining in this post both themes. It happened that few weeks ago, I was walking with a friend of mine, and we were intrigued by a small kitten on a pile of rocks near a construction site. It looked so fragile and scared, we tried to […]Read more

Shinning like gold!

Today, I would like to share with you few tips while shopping: Sometimes nice catches are waiting to be grabbed, do not hesitate to dig in each stand and explore the variety of options. Gather all the pieces you like and try them on, later you can think about how to style them. It is not […]Read more

When there is a key, there is hope

In response to Weekly photo challenge, I chose a recent photo I took of keys and the lock. I took it while visiting my grandma, I noticed how they are hanging from the door, and seeing them just got me thinking of what stories they have witnessed. The keys bring hope, with each key opening new […]Read more

Your ultimate travel guide to Italy; La Dolce Vita volume 1

As the ultimate vacation destination, it was time for me to indulge in “La Dolce vita” italiana and enjoy the Fa niente mode! I preferred to travel in low season, last April for 8 days. I visited Rome, Vatican, Tuscany area and Naples. Here are my tips for those who want to plan their own […]Read more

Behind the closed doors, unspoken secrets

As per Fayruz, doors oh doors, strangers, friends, or closed and waiting the return of their beloved ones! Doors call for my eyes to capture their beauty and travel invisibly behind them to see what are they hiding! Here are some doors that inspired me during my strolls in cities, from Bakka to Beirut, from […]Read more